Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Real Food

Why do I want to take this journey? This is the question my husband asked me last night.  I quickly answered him, “because it’s unhealthy not to”.  Later that night I sat there really thinking about the answer to this question, why do I want to take the real food plunge? 

I want to live a healthier life, so that I can be fit and productive.  I feel that this in turn will help me be a better mother.  I strongly believe that I cannot properly take care of my son if I am not taking care of myself; I need to be healthy and full of energy in order to spend the quality time with him that he deserves.
I want my son to eat healthier so I need to start setting a better example for him.  I have the PICKIEST EATER ever.  He would easily go an entire day without eating just to avoid taking a bite of something new.  I hate this, but we can’t seem to get past this phase with him.  And unfortunately the few things he does like are by no mean healthy real food options.  Part of my goal is to create healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods my son currently enjoys.

Sitting there and thinking about the reasons why I want to do this has made me even more excited and determined to change our ways and succeed in turning our life style around.